3M N95 1860

We are a trading company that offers genuine 3M N95 1860 at the lowest MOQ. There are two ways to place an order.

For 10,000 – 200,000 Quantity

  1. Fill-out the order form here.
  2. We will get back to you within 24-hours for order confirmation.
  3. The invoice will be sent to you within 48-hours. We will send product documents.
  4. 100% wire transfers to our company account.
  5. Details for shipping.
  6. Delivery.

*Singapore and Hong Kong stocks. Price starts USD 2.10 to 2.60/unit.

For 200K – 5 Million Quantity

The buyer must send us a Letter of Intent (LOI) and Proof of Funds (POF). We will verify the legitimacy of your documents within 48-hours. Price starts USD 2.30 to 3.00/unit.


  • Sign SPA
  • Escrow Agreement A2A
  • Fund Escrow
  • SGS Inspection paid in advance by the buyer
  • Release of 30% of total SGS inspection
  • BOL for delivering and release of 70%
  • Pick up available after SGS inspection and release of 70% once viewing the stock


  • Sign SPA
  • Escrow Agreement A2A
  • SGS Inspection paid in advance for the quantity required
  • Fund Escrow and release of 30% of total SGS inspection
  • Pick up the goods and release 70% once the viewing of the stock


  • Sign SPA
  • Open confirmed transferable and irrevocable
  • Inspection with SGS
  • Release 100% and pick up the goods

*Private seller from Italy stocks is available in EU and some parts of Asia.


  1. All products are made in the USA.
  2. Our Company is not employed by 3M Corporation. We trade genuine 3M products to end-buyers and traders.
  3. Our Company does not work with brokers chain no matter how close you are to the end-buyer.
  4. We do not release SGS and sensitive information to unverified buyers. You must provide your company profile and send us all the necessary documents before we assist you. No documents. No response.

Send your order enquiry to kathleen@ppepurchases.com / CC: orders@ppepurchases.com




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Registered Office

Our company is registered in California, the US, and one of our founding team is based in Singapore. We operate remotely. This platform is on sale now. Please reach to us on Linkedin.


Email: orders@ppepurchases.com

We accept 100% Letter of Credit and Escrow.

Verified merchant accounts with:


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