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Company Information About Us

PPEPurchases.com is a professional platform in procurement services provider focusing on personal protective equipment and medical supplies. Our platform’s first branding is SurgicalMaskSupplier.co and rebrand to PPEPurchases.com in early February 2020, before the online market was inundated with masks, gloves, and face shields by traders and brokers. We are a trading company with a license to operate in the US and Singapore. We provide sustainable value to corporations, organizations, and government entities. Our products are FDA and CE approved as well as ISO certified. Our transactions are risk assessed for each order and are processed with a high degree of legal due diligence.

Our product focus is medical grade supplies, critical equipment supplies, and all PPE that are essential for hospitals, laboratories, and medical missions. When you send an enquiry, we will provide a market intelligence suite, where our team undertakes supply chain analysis and a supplier ethics assessment. We understand the risks and complexity of this business.

Why Should You Buy Products From Us?

We have primary and secondary resources to meet all of our clients’ PPE requirements. Our resources are based in emerging markets, the United States and Latin American countries, which include direct manufacturer, supplier, laboratories, and industry SME’s. Our products have ISO, FDA, CE certificates and we can offer SGS report to a verified buyer for 3M products.

Secured Payment System

For small orders of 30,000 to 100,000 units, we accept a wire transfer to our company account. For large orders, we accept transferable Letter of Credit and Escrow.

For LC and Escrow, we ask for Proof of Funds (letter of attestation) and our company will purchase the goods on your behalf using the letter of credit issued by your bank. Not only do we provide our customers with a convenient payment experience, but we also manage financial risks and keep our client’s data and PCI compliant.


Reduced Operating Costs

Our team mantra is “we work from our heart”. We do not overcharge for products and our negotiation skills and large network can massively reduce your overhead and operational risk.

Supply Chain

We are a professional procurement company, medical tenders, and licensed vendors. Our affiliated partners have the supply chain capacity to offer 100 Million to 1 Billion units to corporations, organizations, and governments.

Logistic Solutions

We protect your cargo with a sense of security. High-value goods have always required extra security, a high volume of permits, and reliable logistics partners.  Our business decisions are considered from a security point of view as the cargo is highly critical for the preservation of personal health. We have partnered with a number of logistics companies that offer trade insurance to our clients, which ensure your products arrive as per the agreed schedule.

Team Information Meet the Team

Co-Founder/Procurement Director

Kathleen Martinez


Co-Founder/IT Director

John Brennan


PPE Partner

Ramazan Öktem

Germany / Turkey

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Department Contact email
PPE Orders orders@ppepurchases.com
Procurement / Due Diligence kathleen@ppepurchases.com
Singapore Office +65 6200 6954
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Registered Office

Our company is registered in California, the US, and one of our founding team is based in Singapore. We operate remotely. This platform is on sale now. Please reach to us on Linkedin.


Email: orders@ppepurchases.com

We accept 100% Letter of Credit and Escrow.

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