PPE Purchases Platform For Sale.

A Highly Profitable PPE Platform.

We are selling our platform include admin access, email, and data.

Our platform is a procurement services provider focusing on personal protective equipment and medical supplies. We are an approved vendor in the US government.

Seller Bio

The founding team is a group of professionals in the field of law, technology, finance and healthcare. Each of the founders has a minimum of 10 years of professional experience in the field of expertise. The founders are from Singapore, Ireland, and the United States. For reference, we will provide LinkedIn urls.

Executive Summary

As above, we created a PPE platform in February 2020, before the online market became inundated with PPE requirements. We then created a trading company with a license to operate in the US and Singapore.

Our market base is primarily in the US, UK, EU and Southeast Asia and we are approved government vendors in the states of California.

We provide sustainable value to organizations, and government entities. We have strong network with government and corporate buyers, direct factory sellers, authorized distributors, resellers, traders and brokers.

To date, our site has received 335,000 visits and our corporate Linkedin page has over 1,600 followers.


  1. Highlights


Our website is designed and built professionally by a technical team who understands the importance of branding, security, and digital marketing. We have carefully analyzed and designed our brand images for our target markets.


Based on AWS analytics we have received 335,000 site visitors from March 2020 to December 2020. On average, we receive about 30-50 enquiries on email and Linkedln from government’s agents, traders, and brokers.


Our digital marketing offering has been strategized carefully to meet the standards and regulations for posting Covid-19 updates. We have selected relevant social media platforms to engage with our audience.


We are just more than an online platform. Our data also includes the contact lists of buyers and sellers, the standardized process to execute a PPE deal, and the supply chain details.

The digital marketing strategized carefully to meet the standards and regulations for posting Covid-19 updates. We have selected relevant social media platforms to engage with our audience.


If you have products to sell, PPEpurchases.com is the best platform to showcase your inventory because each page is supported with metatags, which are searchable on the internet. If you are simply a trader or if you wish to offer services in procurement, PPEPurchases.com can be beneficial to you via the following;

  • Professional web-design backed up with SEO.
  • Searchable PPE platform on the internet.
  • It is one of the most searched PPE platforms on Linkedin.
  • You can leverage our contacts (buyers, sellers, traders, and brokers).
  • We can give our contacts in US government agencies who are buyers in PPE.
  1. Operations

PPEPurchases.com operating model is based on direct procurement and drop shipping models whereby, the procurement model follows a diligent screening process before we confirm the purchase/sale, We purchase on behalf of the buyer directly from the manufacturers and sellers.

  1. Customers

Customer profile and segmentation:

  • Corporate Buyers: law firms, hedge funds, and healthcare procurements directors are procuring large volume orders (minimum 200K units to 100s of millions of units).
  • Governments: Different state government agencies in the United States who are looking for large purchases (100s millions to billions) for customers in the US.
  • Traders: Trading companies looking for a reliable procurement company. The typical order enquiry is 200K millions of units. Usually from Europe or the United Arab of Emirates.
  • Brokers: Professional brokers who work on behalf of law firms, hospitals, or governments.

Customer Acquisition:

Our platform is searchable online and we have a solid business model where it automatically identifies the best potential leads. We have set up the best strategies to convert our enquiries into active customers. Our strategies include digital market and regular posts on social media, personalized customer communication via email, mobile and Zoom meetings, and a directory list of government contacts.

Customer Retention:

We have applied these strategies to improve our customer retention:

  • Professional Website and Content: We are careful in branding to avoid providing any misleading information to our buyers.
  • Friendly Customer Service: Our team is fast, responsive and friendly when assisting our customers with order enquiries.
  • Resolving Issues: Not every product works exactly right and sometimes misunderstandings happen, our team is quick to resolve issues and no matter how uncomfortable the situation, we solve the problems and build strong relationship with customers.
  • We Keep In Touch: We continue to keep in touch with our customers through social media and email communication. We are responsive in communication.
  • Due Diligence: We check the company and profile of customers and validate the information before we engage in our services. 

Operation Costs

Our operating costs are minimal as we are working from home, sourced an excellent technical team at a minimal cost, and have no introduced any liability in to the company.

We invested in a professional website, company incorporation, licenses, premium membership in commodity platforms and digital marketing. As for revenue build out, each of our customers has enquiry of a minimum of 200,000 units in masks, boxes of nitrile gloves, medical gowns and other assorted PPE.

We can support our financials from IMFPA.

Seller’s Notes and reasons for selling.

Our original domain is Surgicalmasksupplier.co from February-April 2020, however, since we do not want to focus on selling masks alone we changed the domain name to PPEpurchases.com in May 2020.

The listing is for a PPE platform which includes of professionally designed e-Commerce website and associated social media with organic growth, and engaging viewers, that is positioned in the Healthcare and Trading niche, namely Personal Protective Equipment and Respiratory Masks, etc. The focus markets are US, UK, selected countries in the EU and Southeast Asia.

The platform can be monetized through sales of products via the online platform or by providing a procurement service. The main feature of the product is the professional procurement services providing valuable and reliable information in PPE, whereby buyers and sellers of the product can purchase/sell goods.

This is an excellent opportunity to invest in a PPE platform that has good reputation, reliable services, professional brand with huge demand and in continues growth.

For interested buyers, please contact: kathleen@ppepurchases.com or bid here

Note: We will require a conference meeting with the buyer, agent, and founding team before approval and closure of the deal.

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Registered Office

Our company is registered in California, the US, and one of our founding team is based in Singapore. We operate remotely. This platform is on sale now. Please reach to us on Linkedin.


Email: orders@ppepurchases.com

We accept 100% Letter of Credit and Escrow.

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