PPE: MedicalHand Sanitizer

Certification Level: BS EN 1500:2013.

Material info: 75% Neutriclean Hand Sanitizer.

Packing Specification: Available in 100ML, 300ML, 500 ML.

Minimum Order Quantity: 1,000,000 units

Supply Chain: 5,000,000 units per week.

Ingredients: Chemical mixed with natural flavours.

Handmade: No

Wash style: Waterless

Payment Terms: TT and Letter of Credit

Antiseptic 99.9% efficient 75% alcohol hand sanitizer. Available in 100ML, 300ML and 500ML.

We have antiseptic 99.9% efficient 75% alcohol hand sanitizer. It’s an instant antibacterial antiseptic hand sanitizer available in different smells – aloe, cucumber, jasmine, lavender, shea butter, strawberry, verbena, coconut, honey, milk, seaweed, lemon, and custom.


Prices can be as low as USD 0.30 cents (Based on volume & location). Our minimum order quantity is 50,000 units.
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Our company is registered in California, the US, and one of our founding team is based in Singapore. We operate remotely. This platform is on sale now. Please reach to us on Linkedin.


Email: orders@ppepurchases.com

We accept 100% Letter of Credit and Escrow.

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